Humiliated! Actor Ammar Alfian admits indiscretion, says shouldn’t have been made public by wife

Mark Ryan Raj
Ammar says he’s humiliated his wife chose to reveal something personal. — Instagram/ ammar_alfian

PETALING JAYA, May 23 — Actor Ammar Alfian has taken to Instagram to voice his displeasure at wife Nelissa Nezam for ‘humiliating’ him, saying his indiscretion was a personal matter.

The 32-year-old actor, accused of cheating by his pregnant wife, Nelissa Nezman had earlier denied his wife’s accusations, saying she was spreading false accusations.

“After she retaliated by posting screenshots of their text conversations where Ammar had admitted to cheating on her, he posted the following on Instagram before setting his account to Private three hours later.”

“I did my part to keep quiet and settle it between us, but she wants to make it public and humiliate me”,

“It’s already enough for me that Nel, her family and my family knows.”

In the post, Ammar says that he is now putting his focus on his coming first child in a son because “nothing else matters”.

“I apologised over and over to her, but this is the punishment I get. So be it,” said Ammar in the post.

He ended the post by asking everyone to have “respect” towards his marriage as he tried his best to save it.

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