Hundreds In Hollywood Protest Rampant Sexual Misconduct

Hundreds of demonstrators brought an online movement to life Sunday, marching across Hollywood to denounce sexual assault and harassment.

Two demonstrations, theTake Back The Workplace March and theMe Too Survivors’ March, joined forces as protestors marched in a loop from the intersection of Hollywood and Highland to the CNN building about a mile away. The Los Angeles Times estimated“several hundred”people attended, and a march organizer estimated as many as 300people showed up. 

The Me Too Survivors’ March shares a name with the online #MeToo movement, in which scores of victims of sexual assault or harassment shared the hashtag ― sometimes with their own stories of abuse ― on social media in recent weeks to show the pervasiveness of the problem and to encourage other victims to come forward. 

Tarana Burke, who originally created the #MeToo campaign 10 years ago, was one of several speakers at Sunday’s rally.

“Me too is everywhere,” Burke told the crowd. “This issue will not be ignored. Every hashtag is an act of bravery. Behind every hashtag is a person. Today is a reminder that we are living breathing humans and not just hashtags.”

Broadcast journalist Lauren Sivan, one of dozens of women to allege sexual misconduct against Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein, helped organize the Take Back The Workplace March.

“You are all brave,” Sivan told demonstrators before marching. “Bravery comes in many different forms. You don’t have to wear a flak jacket to make America a better place to live and to work and you’re all doing it by being here today.”

Sivan hasaccused Weinstein of cornering her 10 years ago, exposing himself and masturbating in front of her. 

Marchers stepped over stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame dedicated to some of thehigh-profile men accused of sexual misconduct, including actor Kevin Spacey and PresidentDonald Trump

See photos and video from the event below: 

Tarana Burke (center), originator of the #MeToo campaign, leads marchers.
Protesters hold up signs denouncing sexual misconduct.
Protesters hold up signs denouncing sexual misconduct.
A protester covered her body in messages condemning sexual assault.
Protesters hold signs as they march through Hollywood.
One woman holds a sign echoing the #MeToo social media campaign. 

This article originally appeared on HuffPost.