Hunt on for two in horrific parang attack caught on video

By Thasha Jayamanogaran
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    I appreciate Singapore as I read such news.
  • S
    you guys should stop coming up with headlines like these if you're not gonna show the video
  • E
    There are many violent people in Malaysia, but our leaders are giving them a free pass to work & even take up PR in S'pore.
  • m
    and the worse thing is that nobody does anything to stop the attack!
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    Msia is unsafe to travel to!
  • C
    Malaysia and Singapore are the same in the 1960s
    But today malaysia still have many violent crimes still continuously existing in Malaysia
    why they are not ashamed of themselves
  • s
    siew kin
    This man thinks the wife is his belonging and he treat it as such. I am not a racist, it is evident which people behave like this.
  • L
    Nothing new... These are very common in Malaysia...
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    Nai Khanom Tom
    Pondan Indians try on guys armed with Parang too and see if u are so brave.
  • a
    ah mah keng
    Melayu, what’s new