Huntington-Whiteley and Statham to wed?

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Jason Statham

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Jason Statham will reportedly wed this summer.

The British model and actions star have been dating for around four years and have been beset by rumours about their romance. Last year it was claimed they had gone their separate ways, but that was quickly scotched and followed by speculation they were engaged.

A new report now suggests wedding bells will be chiming later this year.

"They're getting married this summer, it'll be a country wedding where Rosie grew up in Devon, close to her parents' farm," a source told Yahoo Celebrity.

"They’ve finally set a date and both agreed England should be where they wed, despite their closest friends living in LA."

Rosie is understood to have asked her brother to be best man, while her sister will take maid of honour duties.

It seems planning a family has made the 26-year-old model realise she is ready to settle down with Jason, 46.

"Rosie and Jason have had a few problems lately but they’ve come through because Jason finally understands how important it is for her that they tie the knot," the insider added.

“Jason has always been reluctant, but Rosie’s ready to become a mother and she wants to be married before they have a family."

The pair are thought to have briefly split last September as Rosie was tired with Jason's seeming reluctance to commit. However, they soon realised they couldn't be apart.

Neither of the stars' spokespeople have commented on the report yet, but Rosie sparked speculation about her personal life in an interview with The Sunday Times yesterday.

"A few things in my personal life that are very exciting that I probably can't elaborate on [are planned for the near future]," she said: "I look forward to the many things that come with being a woman, having children, motherhood, all of that."

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