HUR unveils exact number of Russians fighting against Ukraine

Russian soldiers
Russian soldiers

514,000 soldiers are fighting on the side of the Russia against Ukraine, said the deputy head of the HUR, Major General Vadym Skibitskyi.

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The northern Russian group, based on the border with Kharkiv Oblast, currently amounts to 35,000 people, but plans to expand to 50-70 thousand, he said in an interview with The Economist.

Russia is also "forming a reserve division", that is, 15-20 thousand people in central Russia, which can be added to the main forces.

This is not sufficient to capture any large city, but might be sufficient for small territorial gains, he added.

“A quick operation to get in and out is possible, but to seize Kharkiv or even Sumy is of a completely different level. The Russians know this. We know it as well."

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