Hurricane Zeta Leaves Semi-Trucks Overturned and Stranded on Mississippi Interstate

Multiple semi-trucks were discovered on their side on an interstate in Mississippi after Hurricane Zeta moved through the state on October 28.

Video, posted by Aaron Jayjack, shows one semi-truck at a standstill before an overturned semi is discovered further down the highway. He said the trucks were positioned on the “raised portion of Interstate 10, just north of the Bay St. Louis.”

“It was even tossing me around in the Subaru,” he said. “Multiple semis put on their side by Zeta. Surprising how many semis tried to push their luck with this overachieving and fierce storm.”

The National Hurricane Center had warned of “strong, damaging wind gusts” overnight into October 29, across southeastern Mississippi, Alabama, northern Georgia, the Carolinas, and southeastern Virginia.

Mississippi Highway Patrol, who attended another overturned semi-truck on the same interstate, said current wind conditions were prohibiting work crews from uprighting trucks, but that first responders and work crews were assessing roadways along the coast. Credit: MyRadar/@AaronJayjack via Storyful