Husband realizes he's an 'idiot' at checkout after misreading wife's shopping list: 'I couldn't even be mad'

Marriage is all about communication. But sometimes, things get lost in translation.

When TikToker and husband @hzdesignshop went to the grocery store with a handwritten shopping list from his wife, things got a little tricky. Now, he’s roasting himself over the major mistake he made when he misread her list.

“I didn’t realize until I was checking out what an idiot I am,” @hzdesignshop wrote on Twitter.

His wife wrote down a list numbered one through seven. Next to each number was an item, including Velveeta, tortilla chips, hamburger, water, sugar, pasta and salt.

“How I read it at the store is, ‘I need one block of Velveeta,’ so what did I get? One block of Velveeta,” he said.

Then, he continued down the list, explaining that he thought each number represented the quantity of the item his wife wanted as opposed to being a bullet point.

So he got two bags of chips, three packages of hamburger meat, four cases of water, five packs of sugar (a total of 20 pounds), six boxes of pasta and seven containers of iodized salt.

“The moral of this story is that, ladies, if you’re gonna write a list and number it, put a period. A period makes a big difference,” he joked.

He added that his wife got a huge kick out of seeing him lug in all the groceries and is probably still laughing about it now.

The video racked up 3.4 million views on TikTok.

“I mean at least you got what was on the list. I couldnt even be mad at that one lol,” someone joked.

“You understood the assignment,” a user added.

“At least the salt was the cheapest thing on the list. You may have needed a loan if she had written hamburger last,” a person said.

“He read it like it’s the 12 days of Christmas,” another commented.

“When I told my husband to by a precut ham….He went to the deli and asked them to slice an entire ham for him into lunch meat,” a TikToker replied.

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