Husband and wife arrested for stealing in the name of charity


YAN: Police have arrested a husband and wife duo today, successfully foiling their thieving activities. The duo was understood to have gone around on the pretext of collecting donations but their ploy failed when they were caught in the act.

They were arrested following a police report lodged by a 49-year-old teacher two days ago.

The 29-year-old man was arrested outside a clinic in Guar Chempedak at 10.30am today and his 23-year-old wife, caught an hour later at a house in Kampung Guar Stesen in Gurun.

Yan district police chief Superintendent Mohd Halim Yatim said the police tracked down the couple after receiving the report.

According to the teacher, when he was visiting his mother at her home in Kampung Batu 22, Jalan Yan, he saw an unknown woman coming out of the house via the back door.

“When he asked the woman what she was doing there, she told him that she had come to collect donation for a charity.

“At that point, his mother came running out screaming that the woman had stolen her gold bracelet,” Halim said in a statement.

The teacher had attempted to catch hold of the woman but she managed to flee from the scene in the 3pm incident.

Halim said the police had checked out a jewellery shop in Bedong today and retrieved the stolen bracelet which was sold for RM930.

He said police also arrested the jewellery shop owner to facilitate investigations.

The case is being investigated under Section 380 for theft that carries a maximum of 10 years’ jail term and is liable to a fine.