Hustle Fund has invested in Singapore-based moving logistics startup Moovaz

Prisca Akhaya
Hustle Fund has invested in Singapore-based moving logistics startup Moovaz

Moovaz champions the digital nomad lifestyle providing easier transition by handling all headache-inducing moving process

San Fransisco-based venture firm Hustle Fund has just financed the Singapore-based moving-logistics startup Moovaz for an undisclosed amount.

The funding will be used mainly for building a product team and for setting up the company’s go-to-market in Melbourne, Australian, which will be done in Q3 this year around August, said Lee Junxian, Co-founder and CEO of Moovaz.

Junxian added that considering what Moovaz does in logistics sector is really niched, the company’s choice of Australia as their next go-to market is essentially a corridor to open moving choices from Australia eventually to the rest of the world.

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Moovaz primarily targets digital nomads, with the belief of location-independent working lifestyles for everyone. To champion the lifestyle, Moovaz’s service allows easier relocation from and to Singapore, partnering with destination country’s local logistics players.

“Moovaz works with our network of contractors and partners, the result of being in the moving industry for eight years. So let’s say you’re moving to Paris from Singapore and you only need to tell us the origin and the destination. What will happen next is that our contractors will come help you pack your stuff, followed by a container that would have been arranged to pick up your stuff, then a freight forwarding partner of ours will take care of your stuff to get it safely in Paris, where our French partners will take care of the moving in all the way to the unpacking,” explained Lee to e27.

Lee mentioned how stressful the moving process can be, and Moovaz offers to take care of all the needs for moving through several options of service that customers can choose from.

“Our main goal is to tackle lot of waiting and unpleasantness when managing travel visas, accommodations and bank accounts. Global citizens don’t want to deal with that. It’s down to the entire seamless experience of moving for our customers and partners,” said Lee.

True to Lee’s words, Moovaz’s services range from the next day sorting out option with higher price charged to the customers, to seven to 21 days option but cheaper. “We are solving all things moving-related, like choosing the best rates of freight forwarder and warehouses in specific areas in your destination city for you on the backend,” Lee added.

Over the eight years long operation in offline moving industry, Moovaaz has assisted 12,000 moves in every major city in the world. Moovaz just went online a year ago and has since facilitated a little under a thousand move with their new digital platform.

“Moving is an extremely fragmented industry which has often neglected customer experience and been slow to adopt technology, and Moovaz is doing it in a way that builds relationships with digital nomads from the start of their move into a new geography,” said Shiyan Koh, Hustle Fund’s Managing Partner who’s based in Singapore.

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Hustle Fund is a venture fund investing in early-stage startups in the US, Canada, and Southeast Asia. The fund was co-founded by two ex-500 Startups partners, Eric Bahn and Elizabeth Yin, and are backed by Shanda, a global investment firm focussed on the online gaming industry, messaging, and communications company like LINE, Korean search engine Naver, and others.

Previously, Moovaz raises seed funding from MOJO Partners in June 2018.

Image Credit: Moovaz

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