Hydrogen-powered cargo bike will soon be on the road

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Pragma Industries' hydrogen-powered bicycle fuel cell.

Dutch manufacturer Urban Arrow has joined forces with France's Pragma Industries to develop the world's first-ever hydrogen-powered cargo bike. The fast-charging machine with a range of 50 kilometers will soon be available in stores at a price of around 8,000 euros.

Based on an idea from the "Everything About Hydrogen" foundation, the new cargo bike will be equipped with an emergent technology that has already been successfully used on a standard bicycle. Drawing on expertise from two European countries, the project will benefit from the combined knowhow of French hydrogen specialist Pragma Industries, and Dutch bicycle manufacturer Urban Arrow.

The machine will be powered by a specially designed fuel cell and a hydrogen gas canister housed in the bicycle's frame. The electricity generated from the hydrogen will be sufficient for a range of 50 kilometers, which is more than adequate for daily use in an urban environment. The creators of the project have also announced that the bike can be re-fueled in three minutes at a specialized service station, or the canister can be swapped out in even less time. Owners of the new machine will also benefit from considerable savings given that the quantity of hydrogen required for the bike is substantially cheaper than the electricity needed to recharge a standard cargo-bike battery.

The cost of the new unique bike will be around 8,000 euros, which represents a significant premium on the average price of a cargo bike, which is currently in the region of 4,000 euros.

David Bénard