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I tried Drew Barrymore's Beautiful 3-quart air fryer, and it has completely changed the way I cook

Want crispy-crunchy foods without using a ton of oil? This compact, stunning appliance from Walmart is ideal for small spaces.

Late last year, I started feeling like I was pretty much the only person on the planet without an air fryer. (I wasn't totally wrong — American consumers spent $958 million on air fryers in 2022, a 51% increase from 2019!) While I had used an air fryer at my sister's house and loved it, I was wary to get one for my small apartment. With limited counter space, the last thing I needed was another eyesore of an appliance to store in my already-overpacked closets.

I had just about resorted to using my oven every night when I discovered the Beautiful 3-Quart Touchscreen Air Fryer, part of Drew Barrymore's stunning kitchenware line at Walmart. It was everything I was looking for — compact and gorgeously designed — so I figured it couldn't hurt to put it to the test as part of my 2024 goal of cooking healthier. Read on for my review.

Let's be real: Have you ever seen a kitchen appliance this pretty? The compact air fryer is available in white with a gold handle. (The merlot and thyme shades are currently sold out.) 

$30 at Walmart

Now that I work from home, I have time to cook dinner most nights instead of eating out or ordering in. I followed several Instagram food accounts to get ideas for healthy but easy-to-make meals, soon discovering that many of the recipes were meant for air fryers. While I tried a few in my regular oven, it just wasn't the same. Enter Drew Barrymore's Beautiful 3-Quart Touchscreen Air Fryer. Coming in at just 10.5 inches high, 20.5 inches deep and 10 inches wide but with 1,200 watts of power, it fit all of my requirements — small but capable. (If you're looking for something a bit bigger and stronger, you may want to try its big sister, the Beautiful 6-Quart Touchscreen Air Fryer.)

Upon the air fryer's quick arrival from Walmart (it shipped in two days), I was pleasantly surprised to find just how easy it was to set up. And when I say easy, I mean “take it out of the box and plug in” easy. The air fryer has a digital, touch-activated display that was a bit confusing at first, but after scanning the small instruction manual, I figured out how to turn the machine on, set the time and temperature (from 170-400 degrees Fahrenheit) and select my cooking method. The air fryer comes with four preset functions — air fry, bake, roast and reheat. I also couldn't believe how cute and small it really was. Not only did it look like a piece of art on my countertop, but it wasn't bulky or cumbersome to hold like others. It's only 8 pounds!

Drew Barrymore air fryer
Short on space? This small air fryer is terrific for solo diners or couples — and it only weighs 8 pounds. (Walmart)

For my first foray into air fryer cooking, I decided on salmon with a side of zucchini. (Air fryers aren't just for cooking chicken nuggets and French fries — there are plenty of healthy options!) While some larger air fryers have dual baskets, I had to cook my protein and veggies separately. The first thing I noticed was how fast the machine heated up. It took about half the time to preheat compared with my full-size oven.

After selecting "air fry," I sat back and waited for my dinner to bake. A few times, I walked over to make sure the air fryer was working because it was so quiet! About 15 minutes later, I opened up the drawer to find impeccably cooked and crisped salmon. The Beautiful line's patent-pending TurboCrip technology helps ensure quick, even cooking with that crunch we all crave, but without using all of the oil necessary for deep-frying — I only used a little over a teaspoon on each of my dishes.

Cleanup was easy too. The nonstick tray and basket are dishwasher-safe, but you can also purchase air fryer liners — either silicone or disposable — to cover the bottom of your gadget. (I tried a disposable variety the second time around and was out of the kitchen and back to watching Netflix in no time.)

I was so impressed with my first air fryer meal that I tried chicken and green beans the next night. Another success! And I haven't stopped there — I've been using it almost nightly to try out new recipes. I haven't turned on my oven in weeks, and I don't miss it. The biggest compliment of all: I've recommended the Beautiful air fryer to everyone I know. My parents even bought one! One thing to note is that this 3-quart model is small — it's best for solo diners or couples, or those who have small kitchens. While the brand says the product can serve up to four people, I'd say it's really for two or three, max.

Beautiful 3-Quart Air Fryer
The air fryer cooks everything from chicken to green beans flawlessly. Next up: I'm trying sweet potato fries! (Rory Halperin/Yahoo)

I'm not the only one who's in love with this gorgeous appliance: Nearly 2,000 fans have given the Drew Barrymore Beautiful 3-Quart Touchscreen Air Fryer a perfect rating. No surprise there.

"This is my new favorite kitchen appliance," shared one shopper. "My first time using it, I made chicken nuggets. I have made chicken nuggets in the oven, in the deep fryer and even on my Instapot using the air fryer setting and none of them compare to the nuggets I made today. They have just the right amount of crisp on the outside yet still tender and juicy on the inside. 10 out of 10!"

"It's incredibly easy to use and helps me whip up crispy favorites without having to submerge them in oil or take a long time to cook in the oven," raved another Beautiful enthusiast. "It's a versatile product, allowing me to cook more than just my kids' favorite fried foods but also things such as chicken, fish and vegetables! The nonstick coating makes cleanup very easy."

Another five-star buyer said, "I am so happy I bought this air fryer. It is really beautiful just like the brand name says. The white color with a little bit of gold makes it look so elegant!"

A final fan said it "works like a dream," adding: "Beautiful, stylish, doesn't hog up space or look clunky on your countertop. Yet still holds a large amount of food in it!"

If I haven't said it enough, this air fryer has really upped my cooking game. I'm eating better (and healthier) than ever. Thanks, Drew!

$30 at Walmart

Cooking for a larger group? Let me suggest the 6-quart version of the Beautiful air fryer.

Great for families, the 6-quart model can cook 2 pounds of french fries or 5 pounds of wings in one go. The beauty comes in seven pretty colors including sage green (shown here), lavender and rose. 

$69 at Walmart

If you're looking to cook multiple foods at once, the Beautiful line also has this two-basket option.

With this 9-quart machine, you can program two different foods with varying cooking temperatures to finish at the same time! 

$139 at Walmart

P.S.: Here are the air fryer liners I used to make cleanup a breeze.

A friend recommended I use these, and I'm so glad she did. Made of parchment paper, these disposable air fryer liners are nonstick, waterproof and oil-resistant. 

$9 at Walmart

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