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I tried the extendable electric spin brush loved by 5,000+ fans, and my bathroom has never been cleaner

Keep your floors sparkling — and your back happy — with one of the most satisfying scrubbers out there.

When was the last time you cleaned — I mean really cleaned — your bathroom? After all, studies confirm that they’re a breeding ground for viruses and bacteria, not to mention rogue hair, dirt and product residue. Aside from finding the time and energy to put in the grunt work, most of us just can't scrub hard enough (especially when it comes to tough soap scum). There are also dingy spots we can't reach or even see. So when I came across the Khelfer Electric Spin Scrubber, a gizmo with over 5,000 positive Amazon ratings, I was more than a little intrigued. Read on to discover what people are saying about this handy cordless shower scrubber, along with my own review.

This cordless shower scrubber makes cleaning grimy tubs and tiled floors a breeze.

$55 at Amazon

The hype

As I noted above, the Khelfer Electric Spin Scrubber is backed by a pretty sizable cleaning squad, endorsed by more than 5,000 five-star Amazon reviews for its durability, efficiency, practicality and versatility. It comes complete with an extendable handle and a whole entourage of accessories.

“I can’t stop using it!” one fan said. "Scrubber is very sturdy and cleans great! I injured my elbow and had to take it easy for a bit, so this helped keep my bathrooms nice and clean without much effort ... its charge lasts very long and no cords make it super functional to use. Wish I'd gotten it sooner, honestly."

Another happy buyer called it an "absolute game-changer. I could not recommend this enough ... This brush single-handedly saved my elbows and spirit [one] day and it's been putting in the work ever since. It takes a while to fully charge, but once it does, it just keeps going. On top of how great it does, it comes with a variety of different brush tips for all types of cleaning."

A third reviewer went as far as to call the scrubber "life-changing," saying it "made cleaning the tub and showers way easier and left everything sparkling. I like the fact that it comes with several attachments and that they are easy to switch. I also liked that it has different speeds and is very ergonomic. A great tool to teach teenagers to clean the bathroom ... it will make it fun."

"Sure makes cleaning easy!" wrote a final buyer. "Using this takes most of the work out and nearly eliminates the need to scrub. I use mine with a spray cleaning chemical and a little cleanser. Does great. Takes a while to charge. One odd thing: The 'on' switch must be held down for some time to allow the unit to come on. This is normal, and I guess they do this to keep one from turning it 'off' while in use."

The kHelfer electric spin brush shown with all brushes and attachments.
This electric spin brush comes with four detachable brushes, plus sponges, for tackling different jobs. (Kristin Granero/Yahoo Life)

The test

Curious, I purchased the Khelfer Electric Spin Scrubber so I could give it a proper whirl. It arrived in a compact box within 24 hours (with Amazon Prime, it's available for overnight delivery). Inside, I found a long, expandable handle, along with an adjustable brush head, accessory clip, charging plug/cord and four durable, anti-scratch brush heads, plus a few bonus sponges. The instructions were super easy to follow: You just click the pieces into place, and you’re ready to go.

After testing a bunch of food storage containers for another Yahoo roundup, my kitchen needed a good cleaning, so I decided to check that off my list first. I used the scrubber with one of the smaller brushes and some multipurpose cleaner to tackle lingering spices and leftover residue from condiments and sauces. Because I was still feeling pretty energized (mainly because the spin scrubber was doing most of the dirty work), I cleaned off the sponge and decided to keep the party going in the bathroom.

I kept the corner brush in place (this time with an antibacterial bathroom cleaner) to tackle more narrow areas like around my bathroom door, as well as to detail my tall, multitiered shower caddy. Then I swapped in the recommended dome brush, incorporating a little powder for some extra grit, for the bathtub and toilet, and used the large flat brush for the shower walls and floors. I was done with the entire bathroom in less than 30 minutes, without ever having to grab a step stool, climb up on a counter, maneuver under a cabinet shelf or bend down on my knees.

Cleaning a kitchen counter with the kHelfer Electric Spin Scrubber.
The smaller corner brush made it easy to clean out tiny crevices that often go neglected. (Kristin Granero/Yahoo Life)

The nitty gritty

After using the Khelfer Electric Spin Scrubber, I can attest to just how practical and versatile it is. The device came practically assembled, started with the press of a button and was incredibly easy to maneuver. The brush head tilts so you don’t have to, and the extendable handle means you can tackle varying depths and angles.

The brush heads are a cinch to swap, which let me clean different areas without worrying about shuffling between multiple tools. The scrubber did what it said it would do: The two-speed brush head and sturdy brushes removed grit from corners and crevices and left my bathtub practically glistening. I read a few reviews from customers who said it took them a little while to charge their spin brushes, but I didn’t have this issue (either way, it should last a while — up to 90 minutes — once it’s fully juiced).

And I can’t believe I’m saying this, but the scrubber was also just really fun to use. I’m looking forward to summer, when I can also put it to work on my car and outdoor windows, especially the smaller grooves.

An extendable handle means you won't have to do much reaching or bending to keep things sparkling. 

$55 at Amazon

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