'I will dig out your eye balls', says girl, 18, who assaulted younger colleague

sadness of child
sadness of child

SINGAPORE — An 18-year-old girl carried out separate vicious assaults on two teenage girls just hours apart.

In the first incident, Joyce Goh Kok Tin forced a girl to bow with her forehead to the ground.

Later, she led a group attack on a colleague that she did not like, luring the victim into an assault. She burnt the 15-year-old girl’s neck with a cigarette while her friends sat on the victim and laughed.

Joyce then told the girl, “I will dig out your eye balls and put them in your bare hands. Then I’ll cut your nose off and dig out your intestine with my hands down your throat and any other organs I can grab. Then I’ll pluck off your nails one by one and skin you alive.”

After Joyce pleaded guilty in the State Courts on Tuesday (3 December), probation and reformative training reports were called to assess her suitability for the sentencing options.

She admitted to one count of voluntarily causing grievous hurt and one count of rioting, with one count of criminal intimidation to be taken into consideration when she is sentenced.

First incident at Yishun void deck

The court heard that Joyce bore grudges against a 17-year-old girl over the latter’s relationships with other guys.

Joyce was upset that her ex-boyfriend, Lim Zheng Gang, dated the girl, and that the girl then went on to date another teen, Muhd Farhan Noor. She felt that the girl was toying with the feelings of another teen, Daniel Goh, in getting together with Farhan.

On 17 December 2018, at about 1.30am, one of Joyce’s friends spotted the girl, Farhan and another five persons, aged from 14 to 20, at the void deck of Block 776 Yishun Avenue 2.

Joyce was notified and she headed to the location where she met up with six friends, all aged between 14 and 26. The group decided to assault Farhan and the girl.

Joyce proceed to punch the girl in her face. Her friends assaulted Farhan, after Joyce scolded the latter for not coming to the girl’s aid. Farhan’s e-scooter was kicked and its wires pulled out from the motherboard.

After forcing the girl to kneel, Joyce pushed her forehead to the ground to “kowtow” in front of Daniel. Joyce then punched the girl in the lips before leaving. The girl received a cut on her lip while Farhan had bruises on his arms.

Headed to party in East Coast

After the brawl, Joyce headed to a birthday party of a friend named Raine Chong. Raine had posted an Instagram story of a 15-year-old girl who was a colleague of Joyce’s. Joyce disliked the girl, whom she considered as a slow and lazy worker. Both worked as packers in a firm.

Raine told Joyce over text that people were talking about how Joyce was not on good terms with the girl. After hearing this, Joyce told Raine she wanted to beat the girl up. She instructed Raine to ensure that the girl remained at the condominium and lure the girl to Joyce.

At about 5.30am, the girl headed to the swimming pool on Raine’s instructions. There, Joyce grabbed her hair, punched her and pulled her to the ground, with four other girls, aged 15 to 17, joining in the fray despite the victim’s screams.

As the girl lay face down on the floor, three girls sat on her while Joyce punched and kicked her head. She also flicked her cigarette onto the girl’s neck, resulting in a burn mark. The group laughed at the girl’s plight.

The group later moved to the back of the condominium to avoid the security guard, who was alerted to the noise.

After asking the girl to stand in front of a wall, Joyce punched and pushed her head several times against the wall. A female friend joined in the attack, egged on by Joyce to “punch the victim harder”.

Raine tried to intervene but Joyce pushed her away, saying it was “not enough”.

The attack continued even after the girl fell onto the ground and remained motionless. Joyce then pulled the victim up and issued threats ranging from digging her eyes out to cutting her nose.

Raine’s mother later rushed to the victim’s aid but the group lied about the girl’s injuries, attributing her screams to the pain of her wounds being cleaned up by them.

Apart from bruising and tenderness all over her body, the girl suffered from a nose fracture and was referred to a plastic surgeon and a dentist.

Client has anger management issues: lawyer

In mitigation, Joyce’s lawyer Ng Kwong Loong said that his client was very young when the offence happened.

Ng said Joyce’s father had revealed that his daughter has anger management issues. She had previously seen a school counsellor, but stopped doing so after she dropped out of secondary school, he added.

Joyce was working as a fair promoter to support her family. “She had mixed up with bad company, which swayed her to commit the offences in question,” Ng said.

The next hearing for Joyce’s case has been fixed for 10 December.

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