ICA officers thwart another 2 bak kwa smuggling attempts

(PHOTOS: ICA/Facebook)

Attempts by two motorists to smuggle bak kwa in Singapore were thwarted by Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) officers at the Woodlands Checkpoint on Tuesday (12 February), ahead of Chinese New Year.

In both cases, the dried pork was concealed in packaging meant for snacks, said the ICA in a Facebook post on Wednesday.

“As Malaysia is not an approved country for the importation of meat products by travellers, the packets of ‘bak kwa’ were disposed of,” said the ICA.

The authority added that the cases have been handed over to Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority of Singapore (AVA) for further investigations.

In similar incidents last Thursday, ICA officers at the Woodlands Checkpoint intercepted two attempts to smuggle bak kwa into the country. Both cases involved the contraband being concealed in pastry or packaging meant for cookies.

Travellers are not allowed to bring in meat, meat products and eggs from Malaysia.

There are currently 21 countries, including Canada, Netherlands and the United States, from which travellers can bring in up to 5kg of pork and pork products directly to Singapore.

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