Ichikawa Ebizo has baby girl

Nurliana Kamaruddin
Ichikawa Ebizo has baby girl

1 Aug – Famous kabuki actor Ichikawa Ebizo and his wife, newscaster and TV personality Mao Kobayashi who were married in March 2010 have had their first child together according to a report on Japan Today's website.

Ebizo's management agency announced in a fax to media on 26 July, that Kobayashi has safely given birth at 6.37 pm on Monday. The father, Ebizo was busy at a performance and was reportedly not at her side when she gave birth, but both mother and daughter were safe and healthy.

The kabuki actor had only recently returned to stage after a much publicised bar brawl that he was involved in last November, where the actor was said to have assaulted a 26-year-old Tokyo resident.

Scandals aside, Ebizo is the heir to a kabuki dynasty which goes back 300 years, and sources reports that his father, Danjuro Ichikawa, 64, is "delighted by the news and that there is a spirit of celebration throughout the Ichikawa kabuki dynasty."