Icona Pop: Naked is cool

Icona Pop

Icona Pop are comfortable being naked.

The Swedish duo, Caroline Hjelt and Aino Jawo, enjoy experimenting with their style and are known for their quirky outfit choices.

Aino also feels confident enough to bare all for certain occasions. She and Caroline pose in the nude for the cover of their second album This Is... Icona Pop, with Aino standing behind her bandmate and covering her modesty.

"I don't mind taking my clothes off - we're naked on the front of our new album - but it's a classy way of doing it," she told website Vogue.co.uk. "It's a way of expressing ourselves; we're covering each other's body parts and it's a beautiful picture. I've never been the sort of person that would just put on a thong and pose."

When it comes to dressing for concerts the pop stars go all out with their ensembles. They have taken inspiration from a particular sci-fi franchise when choosing their on-stage looks.

"Our current stage look is Star Trek-goes-surfing - helmets with lights and lots of neoprene. You have to be proud of what you're doing, because you're the one who's got to live with it," Aino smiled.

The girls are fans of wearing neon-coloured lipsticks and are often spotted out sporting bright shades. By wearing them they are reminded of how they first met and love the memory it creates.

"We were painted totally in neon for the first video we ever did. It was for our single, Manners, in Sweden. It's fun to do. It's kind of a symbol for us because we met four years ago at a club, and since you see neon lights at clubs, we've been using it at shows. We have fun mixing it, and it's just so beautiful," they told website glamour.com earlier this year.

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