Ideological differences exist but alliance will continue with JSP in Andhra: BJP

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Vijayawada (Andhra Pradesh) [India], August 29 (ANI): Amid the rumors of differences between the Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) and the Jana Sena Party (JSP) alliance in Andhra Pradesh, senior leaders of both parties admitted that may be some ideological differences, but the alliance will continue.

Speaking to ANI, BJP Andhra Pradesh treasurer and senior leader Vamaraju Satyamurty said, "Every party has its own working style, that doesn't mean that the two parties have differences. Ideological differences will always be there as JSP and BJP are two different political parties. I hope that the alliance will continue. Meetings of both parties at different levels are also happening. We think differently, but work unitedly."

However, the political analyst, D Srinivasa Rao suspected that there are few differences between the leaders of BJP and JSP, although their alliance can grow as a strong Opposition in the state.

"While speaking to ANI, Nadendla Manohar, Political Affairs Committee Chairman of JSP defended the rumours of differences between the two parties.

He said, "We have entered into an alliance with BJP in January 2020. Since then, the parties could not integrate due to the global coronavirus pandemic.

Further, he said that BJP and JSP have their own way of assessments because BJP is a national political party and JSP is a regional political party. So, the alliance is doing well and will soon integrate after the pandemic situation comes under control, he added. (ANI)

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