IEM offers to assist authorities on boosting road safety measures

Esther Landau

KUALA LUMPUR: The Institution of Engineers Malaysia (IEM) has called on the relevant authorities to further enhance road safety measures to prevent road accidents from recurring.

Its president Ir. Tan Yean Chin, in a statement today, said the institution has expressed its concern on the rise in the number of fatal accidents in the Malaysia and is keen to propose several recommendations to prevent similar incidents from occurring.

He said factors contributing to frequent road accidents include road design, vehicle factors and drivers lacking safe operation practices.

“The institution would like to suggest establishing and implementing a nationwide systematic road safety assessment and risk mapping, which include standardising the requirements for road design, strengthening the enforcement of the use of safety barriers and developing a national speed management strategy.

“We would also like to suggest for regular road safety audits to be conducted at all stages, including for existing roads.

“We would also like to propose enhancing the existing licensing process of public services, mandate the use of the Retarder System, encourage the use of speed limiters and strengthen the inspection process for heavy vehicles,” he said.

He also said the selection of drivers and training programmes should be intensified; and it is also important to boost the road safety culture and safety awareness campaigns among road users.

“The institute is willing and ready to provide the technical expertise and advice to authorities in reviewing the guidelines required to prevent similar accidents from recurring,” he added.