IGP fears for police force as over 100 cops busted for drug abuse

G. Prakash

Datuk Abdul Hamid Bador pointed out that the number of policemen involved in drugs is worrying. — Picture by Hari Anggara

KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 21 — The drug contagion in the country is at a critical level and has seeped into even the police force, Datuk Seri Abdul Hamid Bador acknowledged.

The inspector-general of police disclosed that an internal operation codenamed “Blue Devil” on August 13 found over 100 personnel attached to state headquarters nationwide to have tested positive for illicit substances, notably syabu or methamphetamine.

“If policemen who have been given the responsibility to enforce the law are themselves involved in such activities, what is to happen in this country?” he told Bernama News Channel in a recent interview published today.

Abdul Hamid pointed out that the number of policemen involved in drugs is worrying.

“Just look at what happened in Latin America before, when enforcement officers became involved in drugs... this is serious and therefore a comprehensive prevention effort must be undertaken.”

He said the operation being led by Bukit Aman Narcotics department will continue full swing. 

He said the policemen caught for drug-related offences are likely involved in other crimes such as bribery, blackmail and extortion of foreign workers to feed their addiction.

“The cost to support a drug habit as we know is high. These policemen who are involved in drugs have low salaries, that’s why they are involved in such crimes as they need the money to support their drug activities,” he was quoted saying.

The IGP said Ops Blue Devil was also aimed to clean up the force of corruption, boost its integrity and crack down on drug distributors and illicit drug laboratories in the country.

The state news agency cited Narcotics Crime Investigation Department director Commissioner Datuk Mohd Khalil Kader Mohd said a total of 3,438 policemen were screened under the special operations.

He added that 86 tested positive for syabu and nine others for ganja, ketamine and amphetamine.

Mohd Khalil said action will be taken against the rogue police officers according to the law, adding that they will be charged in court. 

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