Ikan kembung prices to return to normal next month


ALOR STAR: The price of 'ikan kembung' (mackerel), which had skyrocketed from RM8 per kg to RM20 per kg over the past few weeks, is expected to return to normal by next month.

Kedah Fishermen Association Board of Directors member Abdul Hamid Bahari gave this assurance following improving weather conditions that would allow more fishermen to go out to sea.

“The current strong wind and choppy waters due to the eastern wind had prevented fishermen from staying out longer at sea, thus affecting their daily catch,” he said.

He said the low supply of ‘ikan kembung’ was also caused by the jump in demand from other states such as Perak and Kelantan, as fishermen in those states could not go out for fishing trips due to bad weather.

Abdul Hamid said, in order to stabilise supply in the state, the association has prepared around 600 tonnes stock of 'ikan kembung' to be distributed to several areas.

"On average, Kedahans need about 10 tonnes of ‘ikan kembung’ daily so the stock can cover the lack of fresh supply," he said.

He said price of fresh 'ikan kembung' could reach up to RM25 per kg but the frozen stock is being sold at between RM8 and RM10 per kg.