Ikea Singapore recalls India-made Troligtvis travel mugs

Troligtvis travel mugs have been recalled by Ikea Singapore. PHOTO: Ikea

SINGAPORE — An India-made travel mug is being recalled in Singapore by Swedish furniture giant Ikea, due to fears that the product may exceed the prescribed limits for certain chemicals.

In a statement on Wednesday (15 January), an Ikea spokesperson urged customers who own Troligtvis travel mugs marked “Made in India” to stop using them, and to return the product to any IKEA store for a full refund. No proof of purchase is required.

Ikea recently received test reports showing that the travel mug may have excessive levels of Dibuthyl phthalate (DBP), a chemical commonly used in the production of plastics due to its low toxicity. The spokesperson noted that Ikea has long prohibited all use of of phthalates in food contact products.

“The investigation has shown that travel mugs marked ‘Made in India’ may be affected and IKEA is now recalling the mugs in spite of a very low risk of any immediate negative health effect.”

Troligtvis travel mugs have been sold in Singapore since August 2019.

For more information on refunds, call the IKEA Customer Contact Centre at 6786 6868.

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