I'm 1,000% Convinced That We're Living In A Matrix, And These 16 Photos Prove That We Are

1.This draft of a juice carton:

u/OrdinarySoftwareDev / Via

2.This chessboard's floating shadow:

a floating shadow of a chessboard
u/tummy_trubble / Via

3.This mystery in the sky:

a stream of color in the sky

4.This incredibly flexible cat:

a cat that appears to be sitting right side up and laying upside down at the same time
u/DownTownDK / Via

5.This RV design featuring a bay window:

an RV with a bay window
u/rybe07 / Via

6.This leaf that somehow got in the middle of this fence:

a leaf on a fence
u/XLord_of_OperationsX / Via

7.This shadow that went off script:

a shadow that doesn't match the cord
u/anonymous / Via

8.This pole that inexplicably ended up in the middle of this car:

a car on a pole
u/BitBix_ / Via

9.This sighting of two moons:

two moons in the sky
u/i127imnottakenhaha / Via

10.This tree that appeared to have a gap in the middle:

a tree with a tap
u/yosha / Via

11.This headless subway passenger:

a person waiting for a train with no head
u/IveGotStockinOptions / Via

12.This floating cat illusion:

a cat that appears to be floating
u/princessMorris / Via

13.This two-sided bench that was joined at the wrong side:

a bench that looks like a bed
u/Personal-Trash-7456 / Via

14.This reflection in this building not matching with the cloudy day:

a clear sky on a building's reflection, but it's cloudy overhead
u/fluhuhuh / Via

15.This mountain's shadow disrupting the sunset:

a mountain shadow across the sky
u/omgitsmint / Via

16.And lastly, this trippy sidewalk design pattern:

a trippy sidewalk design
u/PanicPotatoe / Via