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I'm a shopping editor, and this heated blanket was one of the best Christmas gifts I received

In many parts of the country, the cold has come in fast and furious — this is not a mild winter. I'm prepared, though. Last month, as luck would have it, Santa brought me a Codi Oversize Heated Throw Blanket. Now that temps are dropping into the teens, I could absolutely live under this thing.

If you're looking to grab a heated blanket to make your couch fort even cuddlier or your bedroom more of a sanctuary, I suggest this comfy wonder. Just $60 now, it should be an immediate add to your Amazon cart. Total heaven.

I love it, my dog loves it — and I'm willing to wager you'll love it, too. 

$62 at Amazon

How does it work?

It was incredibly easy to "set up" the Codi blanket for the first time. The workings are configured intuitively. A quick read of the directions makes everything clear: You snap the outlet cord to the input that's attached to the blanket (this allows it to plug in and heat up). The remote is attached to the power cord. After pressing the "On" button, use the thermometer button to click through heat settings, from 1 to 6 (6 being the warmest). Another button lets you set how long you'd like the blanket to stay warm (from 1 to 4 hours).

One note: I have the Purple Codi blanket; it appears from Amazon's product images that the other colors' remotes are slightly different, and may include only 3 heat settings. But I barely ever put this baby on max — it gets warm! — so, dear reader, I wouldn't be too concerned.

The power cord is 6 feet long, so not incredibly flexible; you'll have to be, well, within 6 feet of an outlet. But what this throw lacks in mobility, it makes up for in comfort! One side of the blanket is plush faux fur; choose from Black Marble, Burgundy, Marble White/Blue and my selection, Purple. The other side of the blanket is white, super-soft sherpa. At 60 inches by 70 inches, it's a bit bigger than your typical throw, ideal for swaddling my entire self... however, I am a relatively small 5 feet 2 inches; mileage may vary when it comes to coverage. My snuggle-loving dachshund is absolutely enchanted with this blanket, and adores laying on the warmest parts, taking breaks when he gets too warm, and then returning for more. I get the impression my husband is a little jealous of our dog spending more time with me since I've gotten this blanket, but all's fair in love and snuggles.

Okay...what's the catch?

I really haven't found a ton of cons about this blanket since I first hooked it up on Christmas night. But I will share what qualms I do have. First is that, though the white sherpa material on one side of the blanket is truly snuggle-tastic, it does pick up random threads and bits of fuzz with abandon. It won't stay pristine white for long; but the blanket is easy to wash. Just disconnect and remove the controller, then throw the blanket into cold/lukewarm water on a slow cycle; it can go in the dryer on low heat, or it can simply air dry.

Another issue I haven't totally figured out is that sometimes — I think when the controller is knocked around or the cord is disturbed — the remote seems to get a little confused and blink out. The remedy is quick and easy; just turn it back on (or off and on again) and redo the settings. But, of course, this may frustrate some users who would rather set it and forget it 100% of the time.

Speaking of which, if you do forget to turn this blanket off, don't worry! There's a 2-hour automatic shutoff, unless you've already set it for 4. Either way, it'll shut down on its own after a certain amount of time.

woman sitting on couch with purple blanket on her lap
Pictured: Me in my purple Codi blanket. (Okay, she's actually a model, but I assume I look much the same.) (Amazon)

Who else loves this blanket?

If you're still not sure the Codi is the heated blanket for you, don't take it from me — hundreds of Amazon shoppers have given this cuddler a perfect five-star rating.

"This product is so soft," gushed one reviewer. "You can barely feel the wires that run through it, which is awesome. It heats up pretty quickly. I’m so happy with my choice! Worth the money!" (If I can put my two cents in here, I do agree you really don't feel the wires much at all! There are definitely warmer patches in the blanket and the heat distribution isn't 100% uniform.)

Many shoppers love the auto-off function for peace of mind. "This blanket keeps me nice and warm. Heat turns off after set hours so I can fall asleep with no worries!" said one snuggler.

Another fan shared their experience with the 3-setting version of the blanket: "They call it a 'throw' but it is more like a blanket," noted a happy shopper. "Three settings: low, medium and high. Low is most comfortable for long periods of use, with medium and high for short periods of 5 or 10 minutes to begin. Overall width and length is more than adequate to cover a 6 foot 3 inch body. Love that comfort."

The Codi is a steal in four eye-catching shades.

$62 at Amazon

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