I'm an interior designer. Here are the 10 best things I bought for my home this year.

  • I'm an interior designer, and I've bought some great pieces this year.

  • My wall-mounted Ms. Pac-Man game adds personality to my home.

  • I've also bought vintage barware and Ikea Ritva curtains, which elevate my space.

As an interior designer, I'm constantly looking for unique pieces to enhance my living space.

This year, I came across some absolute gems. Here are the 10 best things I bought for my home in 2023.

Vintage-inspired wall art from Target

Wood panels with vintage-style artwork in gold frames on wall
Target sells a range of wall decor. Tyka Pryde Edwards

My heart skipped a beat when I discovered a collection of vintage-inspired wall art at Target.

These pieces effortlessly bring old-world charm to my home at a very affordable price. I also love that they're lightweight and were super easy to hang.

Lantern pendant lights

Cylindrical lights hanging from wood-beam ceiling
Lighting doesn't have to be ugly. Tyka Pryde Edwards

The lantern pendants I picked up this year exude timeless elegance and I could not be more obsessed with them.

They're showstoppers in my living room, casting a warm, inviting glow and adding a touch of vintage sophistication to the space.

They're a good reminder that lighting can be both functional and a work of art.

Fringed outdoor umbrella from World Market

Outdoor seating umbrella with white fringe above a marble table on a deck
I bought a cute white outdoor umbrella from World Market.Tyka Pryde Edwards

Outdoor spaces deserve just as much love as indoor ones.

The fringed outdoor patio umbrella I got at World Market has transformed my deck into a stylish, shaded oasis.

I love the pop of white and fringe against the green trees, and it helps create the perfect space for hosting gatherings or enjoying a quiet lunch in the shade.

Marble plinth table

Marble block table on beige rug with pot of flowers on top
Marble is sturdy and can add flair to a space. Tyka Pryde Edwards

My marble plinth coffee table is a true statement piece that was worth the splurge.

It's completely elevated my living room, and I know it'll be passed down for generations.

Artistic bust from HomeGoods

Men's bust with cracks in it sculpture on pedestal
This bust from HomeGoods is an artistic accent. Tyka Pryde Edwards

My favorite HomeGoods find this year is a classical bust that adds an artistic and sculptural touch to my decor.

It's an unexpected addition that beautifully fuses tradition with contemporary design and helps make my game room feel a little fancy.

Vintage barware

Wooden shelves with glass cups and containers next to a metallic ice bucket
Vintage glasses elevate my bar. Tyka Pryde Edwards

I firmly believe that a well-stocked bar can be the heart of any gathering.

My vintage barware collection brings sophistication and elegance to cocktail hour. The ornate glassware, shakers, and bar tools create a timeless look for mixing and sipping.

Ikea Ritva curtains

White curtains against a wood-paneled wall behind a fuzzy white chair
Tall curtains can make your room appear larger.Tyka Pryde Edwards

The Ikea Ritva curtains have a special place in my heart.

These affordable drapes offer a classic and elegant look that doesn't break the bank.

They frame my windows beautifully, make my ceiling look taller, and brighten up my wood walls.

Wall-mounted Ms. Pac-Man game

Ms. Pacman game console mounted to wood-paneled wall
Arcade games can make a space feel nostalgic. Tyka Pryde Edwards

I couldn't resist adding a touch of nostalgia to my space with a wall-mounted Ms. Pac-Man arcade game from Wayfair.

This classic gem pays homage to the golden age of arcade gaming while fitting seamlessly into my contemporary, cozy decor.

It's the thing in my home that gets people the most excited, and it brings endless entertainment to my living space.

Quality candles

Concrete bowl with a candle inside of it
I've used high-quality candles to upgrade my space. Tyka Pryde Edwards

I've purchased a lot of great candles this year, and my signature styling trick is placing them inside bowls. It's like having a mini fire pit on my coffee table.

Recently, I placed an affordable Hearth and Home candle from Target in a concrete-style rustic bowl to create a cozy and fragrant focal point in my living room.

The combination is visually appealing and it also fills my home with inviting scents that enhance the atmosphere.

Glass chess set

Glass chess set on wood table
My glass chess set is fun to play and it looks beautiful. Tyka Pryde Edwards

My glass chess set is both a decorative piece and a source of entertainment.

The transparent chess pieces and board are modern and sleek, turning game nights into elegant affairs.

It's just as fun to play as it is to look at.

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