I'm kicking myself for not trying Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom's 'infinite' glider trick sooner

 Link skydives from the clouds
Link skydives from the clouds

The Legend Of Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom’s main attraction is arguably flying from the islands in the sky, down to the fields of Hyrule. We’ve now discovered a trick to make that cloudy descent last forever and I’m kicking myself for not trying it sooner.

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The handy paraglider lets Link stay up in the air to enjoy Hyrule’s splendour, but the second his stamina bar depletes, Link comes crashing back to the ground. To remain in the clouds, one player found a neat trick that lets Link catch his breath in the middle of the flight by using the Zonai wings. Essentially, this creates a breathing room and allows Link to glide all of infinity. Or until they get bored.

Tears Of The Kingdom has blown up on social media - no surprise considering its huge launch sales - and in that time, countless videos have gone viral showing Link pummeling down from the sky and into an untimely death. All because he wanted to admire Hyrule's lush views. That makes this infinite glider hack somewhat of a lifesaver for many distracted swordsmen.

That’s entirely dependent on how tight some hoarders can be though. One Redditor responded to the clip by saying: “You say this like I'm ever going to use limited resources in anything other than an absolute emergency. Nice trick though!” Even in those emergency situations, Link would probably avoid using his 99 potions.

Using a couple of Zonai wings during a skydive is the ethical way to extend airtime. The alternative requires the sacrifice of a poor horse, which is just one of many harrowing rituals in Tears Of The Kingdom. Other Zelda players have launched multiple Koroks into space, which kickstarted a sort of dystopian hunt for the cute woodland creatures. Since the game’s launch, the viral jokes escalated into viral Korok torture that probably violates several Geneva Conventions. Hyrule’s so pleasant, isn’t it?

For now, you can check out our guides on how to obtain the paraglider in Tears of the Kingdom to make the above trick work.