Immigration Dept: 296 North Koreans surrender for overstaying


PUTRAJAYA: A total of 296 North Koreans in Sarawak have surrendered to the Immigration Department.

Its director-general Datuk Seri Mustafar Ali said in a statement today that the work permits for these North Koreans have expired while others have overstayed when their social visit pass lapsed.

He said 113 out of 117 North Koreans who were on the Sarawak Immigration Department list had surrendered themselves to the authorities.

As for the remaining four, their employers had given the department the assurance that they will be handing the North Koreans over by today.

The other 183 who entered Sarawak using social visit pass and overstayed have surrendered themselves too.

“The employers have informed the department that there are no more North Koreans with expired social visit pass staying in Sarawak.

“The department have given those with expired permits and passes one week from April 11 to surrender themselves.

“Some of the 296 North Koreans have been sent home and the rest will be deported in stages,” he said.