Immigration officer and suspected accomplice under arrest over cheating allegations

Following police suspicions, officers arrested an immigration officer, along with his accomplice, consultant, after the two are believed to be behind the illegal entry and exit of foreign nationals into Malaysia, yesterday.

Police patrolling the roads in and out of Kuala Lumpur International Airport took note of an unusually parked car near the main terminal at 1:30pm, and went to speak with the 45-year-old driver.

Suspecting that there was more to her story, officers proceeded to search the vehicle, and discovered two bags containing two Chinese passports, an Indonesia passport, and a Malaysian PR card whose owner is reportedly a Philippines national.

In addition to the passports and identity card, officers found a rubber stamp for traveler entry and exit belonging to Malaysia’s Immigration Department, 150 of the department’s official stickers and seals containing serial numbers, and nearly RM9,000 (US$2,200) in cash.

The commotion in front of the woman’s car caused a self-identified off-duty Immigration officer to approach the officers, telling them that the vehicle was actually his. At this point, police believed that the officer was involved with the woman’s suspicious stash of stamps, and documents, and arrested both.

Upon further investigation, officials discovered that the car plates did not match those of Vehicle Identification Number or the engine.

KLIA police has confirmed that an arrest was made, and that the two individuals are being investigated for cheating, under Section 420 of the Penal Code.

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