Ina Garten Says These Cookies Are so Easy to Make at Home With Your Kids

Korin Miller
Photo credit: Ina Garten - Instagram

From House Beautiful

Schools in many parts of the country—and the world—are closed right now, which means many parents are looking for something to keeps kids occupied while cooped up inside. Enter Ina Garten.

The Barefoot Contessa just shared a recipe on Instagram that you can easily make with kids, and let us just be the first to say OMG, THANK YOU INA!!! OK, we're probably not the first, but we'll say it anyway!

“Need something fun to do with your kids?” she captioned a lovely photo of jam-topped cookies: “Making Jam Thumbprints is great for teaching them math and cooking at the same time—and then you have sweet rewards for them when they get an A+.”

This recipe is actually great for kiddos, she says, because “little fingers are perfect for making the thumbprints!” BTW, if you don’t have coconut at home, that’s OK, she says. And any kind of jam is “just fine.”

Parents were here for it in the comments. “Lucy, Sam...afternoon Ina class is in session!!” one person wrote. “Yes!!! I have coconut too. Truly sad how excited I am about this. Thanks Ina,” someone else wrote. Plenty of others flooded Ina with questions on what they should make with random ingredients, because, you know, she’s Ina Garten. She's been answering quite a few so feel free to shoot your shot!

Interested in making Jam Thumbprints at your place? Check out the full recipe on Oh, and if you're looking for more kid-friendly recipes, check out Delish's Instagram Live kids cooking classes every week day at 1 p.m. ET! Just saying!

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