Incredible Porsche 911 collection to be auctioned

Staff writer

A group of 11 special Porsche 964-generation 911s will be auctioned off in March. RM Sothebys, the auction house selling the cars, will offer them up at its Amelia Island Auctions in Florida.

The collection comes from a single owner, who's been storing them away for the last decade. And these aren't just 'basic' 911s, either – they're all special edition, low-volume models increasing in rarity and value.

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They're all up for auction individually, and the lowest auction estimate on each car would still net the owner a staggering $5.46 million - approximately £4.03m.

The 964-generation Porsche 911 was on sale between 1989-1994, and even base models are racking up some serious prices. But the examples on sale here are incredible – including a '93 Carrera RS 3.8 valued at a minimum of £922,000, a '93 RSR 3.8 valued at £885,000 and a '93 911 Turbo S "Leichtbau" that should fetch above £738,000.

Also in the collection is a '91 Carrera Cup, a '91 Turbo 3.3, a '92 Carrera RS, a '93 Carrera RS America, a '94 911 Speedster and a '94 Turbo 3.6 – all estimated at a minimum of £147,600

Raising the stakes somewhat are a '94 Turbo S X83 "Flachbau", estimated at £369,000, and a '94 X85 "Flachbau", with £443,000 predicted.

Finally, offered as part of the same collection – though not strictly a 964-generation 911 – is a 911 Turbo "Flat Nose" Coupe, estimated at £147,600.

The lucky buyer of any of these is virtually guaranteed a return on their investment. Air-cooled Porsche 911s continue to skyrocket in value, and these examples are all described as being in mint condition.