‘This is indeed us,’ YouTuber Ryan Tan pays litter penalty with Dee Kosh

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A radio DJ and high-profile YouTuber were humbled by a little public service over the weekend for littering.

Ryan Tan, cofounder of production house Night Owl Cinematics, confirmed today as genuine photos of him and DJ Dee Kosh carrying brooms and dustpans while wearing signature “CWO” pink and neon green vests in Jurong East that appeared during the weekend. CWO stands for Corrective Work Order, which is commonly meted out to litterbugs.

“Yes this is indeed us doing our corrective work order because we were caught littering but this really helps me explain one thing la,” Tan wrote online today in response to the photos of him and Kosh, whose real name is Darryl Koshy. They were busted for littering in December 2019.

Koshy has been under investigation since August over accusations he solicited sex from minors.

The thing it helped explain, Tan added, was a March YouTube sketch in which they re-enacted the moment they were caught by a plainclothes officer. In it, they look around cautiously before carelessly tossing wrappers of the snacks they were eating.

“We got caught last year December, and we thought that we should integrate into our video we shot 8 months ago [because] while it was a bad thing to do, I thought we learnt a really valuable lesson, we have never littered after that!” Tan wrote.

The video was one of the pair’s many collaborations prior to Koshy’s sexual harassment allegations surfacing in August. Tan’s production house Night Owl Cinematics quickly announced shortly that collaborations with Koshy had been “put on hold.” However, both Tan and Koshy are still BFFs.

Tan said today that he has an “unbreakable bond” with Koshy and will continue to support him, adding that they “have never been” role models but entertainers.

“But whether he made a mistake or not, it’s not for me to say – and if he did, then I’m [going to] be here with him till the end, to have his back and be with him when no one would,” Tan wrote.

One of Tan’s posts about his friendship with Koshy. Photo: Ryanxgo/Instagram
One of Tan’s posts about his friendship with Koshy. Photo: Ryanxgo/Instagram

Koshy has been accused by at least five people of soliciting sexual favors from minors. He has kept silent and not posted or appeared in videos since then. The authorities have issued no public updates on the case since it was announced.

The maximum penalty for littering is a S$10,000 fine. Offenders have to serve a minimum of three to 12 hours under the CWO.

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