Independence month a meeting point for Tok Janggut's descendants


JERTIH: This year’s independence month has become a meeting point for more than 600 descendants of Tok Janggut from all over the country.

Ibrahim Mohamad, 80, who is the third generation of Tok Janggut’s lineage, said he did not expect that a family day held at Kampung Bukit Payung here today, managed to gather more than half of Tok Janggut’s descendants whom he had never known before.

“Most of those who attended today were youngsters and they do not know about their lineage as Tok Janggut’s descendants who fought against colonialism long before the country’s independence.

“But today they have the opportunity to learn about their ancestor and family history,” he said.

Meanwhile, Mohd Hamzan Husin, 51, said he was overwhelmed with excitement when the family day gathering on second Aidiladha could materialise after being planned for several times.

“Now the generation left is the third generation, who are the grandchildren of Tok Janggut up to the youngest generation, from the 15 grandchildren of Tok Janggut now there are only five survivors and already aged.

“Today we could introduce the younger generation to the older family members who are still alive so they know who they are, while in this month of independence we also take the opportunity to instil the spirit of patriotism after they got to know their ancestry,” he said.

They also held side programmes such as telematch game and ‘tahlil’ ceremony.

Meanwhile, Kamarul Firdaus Mansur, 34, from Kuala Lumpur said he knew

about the reunion through his brother’s sharing of the event in a social media application.

Tok Janggut, or Hassan Panglima Mat Munas, was an opponent of British colonisation who was killed while opposing the British taxation in a Tok Janggut Battle in Kelantan, in Malaya then.

He was called Tok Janggut for keeping a long beard to the chest level and was also an Islamic religious figure with many disciples in Kelantan. -- Bernama © New Straits Times Press (M) Bhd