India, Other BRICS Nations Oppose European Union's Proposed Carbon Border Tax

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India’s opposition to the European Union’s (EU) proposed carbon border tax has found the backing of its other BRICS partners, namely Brazil, Russia, China, and South Africa.

The 27-member EU had recently decided to levy a border tax on the import of carbon-intensive goods, which will be enforced from 2026 onwards.

Now, India along with other BRICS participants have objected to the aforementioned proposal in the New Delhi statement of the five-nation group.

“We noted with grave concern the proposals for introducing trade barriers, such as unilateral carbon border adjustment, that are discriminatory,” read the statement, Times of India reported.

The BRICS countries have spoken in one voice on the back of their virtual environmental ministerial meeting that was chaired by India.

The five countries have also decided to worked together for abatement and control of air and water pollution.

Union Environment Minister Bhupender Yadav stressed that the year 2021 is important as the UN Biodiversity Conference and UN Climate Change Conference are slated to be held in October and November this year respectively.

He said that the BRICS countries can play a ‘very significant’ role in addressing contemporary global climate challenges like marine plastic litter, biodiversity loss, climate change, air pollution amongst others through these multilateral forums.

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