Indian-Americans hold candlelight vigil across US to honour soldiers killed in Afghanistan

Washington DC (USA), Aug 30 (ANI): Indian Americans across the US held a candlelight vigil to honour the 13 US troops killed in the suicide attack near the Kabul airport as their remains arrived at Dover Air Force Base on Sunday morning. Eleven Marines, one Navy sailor who was assigned to a Marine Corps unit, and an Army Special Forces soldier died in a suicide bombing at Kabul Airport. The soldiers were among the 6,000 US troops President Joe Biden deployed to assist in a massive airlift evacuation. More than 170 Afghans died in the suicide blast. Across 25 US cities, including Washington DC, New York City, New Jersey, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Houston, Boston, Dallas, Chicago, Columbus and Connecticut, the diaspora held a candlelight vigil. Dozens of community members gathered in remembrance and prayer, as many came to show their support to those needing comfort because their loved ones will never be able to make it home.

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