Indian man’s nose and ears cut off as revenge for getting his daughter remarried

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A 55-year-old man's nose and ears were reportedly cut off in a revenge attack for getting his daughter remarried in western India's Rajasthan state.

Sukhram Vishnoi, from the state’s Barmer district, was returning home on Tuesday night when a group of more than six people forcefully entered his home and attacked him, state police said.

Officials suspect the perpetrators of the attack were Mr Vishnoi’s daughter’s former in-laws who were livid with her decision to remarry following a separation from her ex-husband.

Mr Vishnoi also suffered a leg fracture and was taken to a hospital in Jodhpur city in a critical condition. According to the man’s family, the attackers reportedly took away his nose and ears with them.

Mr Vishnoi got his daughter married to another man after she walked out of her first husband’s house six years ago.

The woman had filed a case against her in-laws a few years back, prompting police to file a chargesheet for dowry harassment, said a police officer.

“Vishnoi’s daughter is currently living with another man. Vishnoi has said that this miffed the estranged husband and his family, which led to the attack,” the police officer was quoted as saying by The Indian Express.

“The accused in the case include his daughter’s estranged husband and his elder brother,” he added.

Police said a case was registered and officers continue to investigate the incident.

Earlier in August, another man had his nose cut for calling off his daughter’s engagement with one of the accused.

According to police, the victim, identified as 55-year-old Kamal Singh Bhati, was assaulted when he cancelled the engagement fearing for his daughter’s safety. The man claimed his niece, who married into the same family, was allegedly killed by her in-laws.

The accused sliced off his nose and took it with them while fleeing, police said.