Indie film actor, star of a webcam nude show?

Manila Bulletin

MANILA, Philippines - Is independent film actor Toffee Calma the "star" of a "nude show" that's been making its rounds in the Internet of late?

In the April 27 episode of "Tweetbiz Insiders," the hosts talked about a particular sexy video featuring a guy that some people allege as Calma. A host talked about the sexy video and its subject, saying there were "kumakalat na links sa mga videos sa Internet," and noted this as their source, later describing these as "part ng kanyang show niya na lumalabas sa webcam siya ng hubo't hubad siya..."

Main host Tim Yap elaborated further on the source of the video that he described as a "webcam paid sex scandal."

"According to a source dito sa 'Tweetbiz,' itong site na 'to na kung sa'n nakunan itong mga sensitibong litrato na' to, eh galing daw sa isang paid site na bukod sa, of course, for adults only, kapag nag-log in ka sa site na 'to... Kumbaga it's a site na pwede kang makipag-chat at makipag-engage in a private encounter," he explained.

Yap said they have contacted Calma to ask his side about the controversy but he reportedly declined to comment about it.

According to Calma's Internet Movie Database (IMDb) page, he has been appearing in movies as early as 1996. In recent years, Calma has been more active in the local independent movie scene and has appeared in movies such as "Showboyz" and "Parisukat," portraying gay roles in most of them, as the hosts also said.

On TV, Calma played a recurring role in ABS-CBN's "Magkaribal" and an uncredited role in "Imortal," both in 2010.