The Indie Megashow gaming and music festival is headed to Tokyo

Saqib Shah
Indie Megabooth has long been a breath of fresh air at bloated games conventions.

Indie Megabooth has long been a breath of fresh air at bloated games conventions. Gamers apparently agree. These days, thousands of attendees and hundreds of developers flock to its indie showcases. Its growing popularity saw it branch out beyond games for the first time earlier this year. Its latest offshoot, Indie Megashow, made its debut in Atlanta in July. Now, the daylong gaming, arts, and music festival is going global. As its name suggests, The Indie Megashow Tokyo is bringing the good times to Japan. And, as usual, it will feature kickass indie titles, along with a bunch of special guests.

Over a dozen games will be on the agenda, including Asura, Iconoclast, Superhot, and Fresh Body, among others. Arika, the Tokyo-based developer behind the Street Fighter EX series, will also use the event to unveil its upcoming fighting game. The studio was founded by Akira Nishitani, who made his name working on Capcom's legendary Street Fighter 2, and Final Fight. Arika's first original fighting game in decades could well be the highlight of the festival. Tunes on the night will come from "nerdcore hip-hop extraordinaire" Megaran, and Tokyo's very own DJ Uppercut.

Indie Megabooth is already doing its bit for Japan's indie gaming scene by organizing Kyoto's annual BitSummit festival. And, its latest pop-up should cast even more attention on independent devs. The more indie gaming events the better, we say. Indie Megashow Tokyo will be held at SuperDeluxe in Roppongi on September 20. You can grab tickets for the fest here. And, if you can't make it to all the way to Japan, worry not, as the entirety of the event will be streaming on Twitch.