Indiscriminate dam construction in PoK damaging ecology; natives pushed to abject poverty

Muzaffarabad, PoK, 21 September, 2021: - Indiscriminate dam construction in Pakistan occupied Kashmir has done more harm to people and the region than what has been made available in the public domain by a censored Pakistani media. While the ecology of the rivers has been adversely affected by the construction, the natives, who have borne the major brunt of its impact, are forced to live in uninhabitable conditions. Despite producing thousands of Megawatts of power, people of the region, whose total demand is around 500 Mega Watt, do not receive a fair share. Inadequate and interrupted power supply has had severe impacts on their daily lives ranging from education to businesses. And Pakistan’s materialistic and exploitative agenda in PoK hasn’t taken a pause as yet. It is now building Kohala dam over river Jhelum which will further deteriorate the life of people living in the region.

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