Indonesia 2017: The Motorcycles

Patrick Everett Tadeo

Indonesia is a huge market for motorcycles. A quick look outside our hotel room’s window and it quickly became evident that motorcycles outnumber cars by some degree. It also happens that motorcycle taxishabal-habal as we’ve come to call it locally or ojek as it’s called in Indonesia–is a burgeoning business in the country that there’s even a motorcycle taxi service that only has female riders and caters solely to female passengers, presumably for safety and religious reasons; Indonesia, after all, is a predominantly Muslim country which prohibits females from coming in contact with males they are unrelated to.

Anyway, proof that the motorcycle market is big in Indonesia is that at the 2017 Indonesia International Motor Show, the two-wheeled transportation has its own hall at the expansive JIExpo (Jakarta International Expo) Kemayoran in Jakarta. The gallery below shows a sample of just some of the brand-new motorcycles we saw at the event. Enjoy!