Indonesia earthquake: Powerful 6.2-magnitude tremor hits Bali and Java

A 6.2-magnitude hit Indonia’s East Java province on Tuesday (BMKG )
A 6.2-magnitude hit Indonia’s East Java province on Tuesday (BMKG )

A 6.2-magnitude earthquake hit the south of Indonesia’s East Java province on Tuesday, according to the country’s geophysics agency.

The earthquake occurred at 1.07pm local time and was strongly felt, according to social media posts by locals in the region. It took place at a depth of 10 kilometres off the southern coast of East Java province.

The agency added it is not expected to trigger a tsunami.

Local authorities said that they were checking for damage caused by tremors that were felt strongly in East Java province and on the island of Bali.

This is the second major earthquake to hit Indonesia in less than a week. On Saturday, an earthquake of 6.1 magnitude hit Indonesia’s West Java province.

The National Agency for Disaster Management had said that one person was injured while four houses and a school were damaged in the town of Garut.

Last month on 21 November, a 5.6-magnitude earthquake shook West Java that led to the deaths of 334 people.

Tuesday’s earthquake comes at the same time as thousands of residents in Lumajang, East Java are on high alert after a violent eruption of the Semeru volcano prompted authorities to impose an 8km no-go zone and evacuate villages in the region.