Indonesia to launch startup database as reference for digital industry development

Indonesia to launch startup database as reference for digital industry development

The startup database has already included information of 960 Indonesian startups

Indonesian Startup Database 2018 launch event

Indonesia is enjoying a massive growth of its digital industry, as indicated by the increasing number of tech startups operating in the country. It even managed to have four unicorn startups already; the second biggest number in Southeast Asia after Singapore.

To support President Joko Widodo’s Digital Energy of Asia vision, it is not sufficient for Indonesia to rely solely on initiatives by industry stakeholders. There is also an urgency to support the vision by providing a comprehensive startup database.

The Indonesian Creative, Information Technology, and Communication Industry Society (MIKTI) is working together with the Indonesian Creative Economy Agency (BEKRAF) to launch Indonesian Startup Database 2018, as a reference for digital industry development.

The announcement was made during the recent World Conference on Creative Economy in Nusa Dua, Bali.

BEKRAF Deputy Hari S. Sungkari stated that the startup database will map various information on existing companies, enabling stakeholders –including the government– to make better policies and programmes.

MIKTI Chairman Joddy Hernady added that the process of information gathering and verification was conducted by MIKTI team. The verification was meant to ensure the validity of the data. According to Hernady, the team has managed to gather and verify data from 960 startups.

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“There is no credible startup data reference at the moment. Even if such thing exists, the data are not valid. So what we do is verifying the data by checking the company’s website and calling the founders, to ensure that they are still around. We can come up with more accurate data through this,” Hernady told DailySocial in Nusa Dua, Bali.

According to Hernady, the startup database will be accessible by the public. His team is currently working on preparing the platform for the data, which is set to launch on December 10.

Optimised programme- and policy-making

The Indonesian Startup Database will feature valid and credible information on each startup, from company profile to funding stage. Hernady said that the data will be invaluable for stakeholders in programme- and policy-making.

“For example, there are already a big number of startups working in the e-commerce sector. This way, we can encourage investment into other sectors with better prospects, as there are many e-commerce companies already,” he said.

Based on the verified data provided by MIKTI to DailySocial, at the moment the e-commerce sector dominates the Indonesian tech industry with 353 startups (36.84 per cent), followed by 53 fintech startups (5.52 per cent), 21 gaming startups (2.19 per cent), and 535 startups in other sectors (55.67 per cent).

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The data also revealed that 530 startups (55.15 per cent) are already registered as Perseroan Terbatas (limited liability company). Sixty-six startups (6.87 per cent) are registered as Commanditaire Vennootschap (limited partnership), 92 startups (9.57 per cent) are yet to be registered, while 272 startups (28.41 per cent) have their registration status unknown.

Hernady added that the data will attract more investors in investing in Indonesia. The team also plans to showcase sales data, which have been closed for public.

“Sales data is very important but startups are not willing to publicise it yet. We will try to encourage them to reveal it step-by-step,” he closed.

The article “Database Startup Indonesia” Diresmikan, Siap Jadi Acuan Pengembangan Industri Digital was written by Corry Anestia in Bahasa Indonesia for DailySocial. English translation and editing by e27.

Image Credit: BEKRAF

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