Indonesian Game ‘Ramen Chain’ Is a Hit In Asia with Delicious Gameplay

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A few days ago we wrote about Fun Toilet Games: Panda Adventures from Indonesian game studio Touchten. But another fun game from TouchTen called Ramen Chain was just released on August 3rd and has gained noticeable popularity after its release. The newest rankings from Appannie today showed that Ramen Chain has successfully achieved a multi-kill, becoming the number 3 free overall app in Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Thailand, and Taiwan. Ramen Chain is the first sequel to Sushi Chain - which was a successful game back in 2009. The storyline takes place in five cities across Japan (Hakodate, Kitakata, Fukuoka, Sapporo, and Tokyo) with 10 intriguing levels in each city and one mini-game included. Open your own ramen shop There are two characters that you can choose, either the male Ryo Kisanagi or the female Hyori Nakajima, who come from the country and dream of establishing a ramen shop in the big city. The character is starving and has nowhere to go as he or she stumbled upon a filthy ramen shop and asks for shelter. Grandpa Toshio, the owner of the ramen shop, invites the hungry fellow inside and gives them ramen. The main character falls in love with the ramen as it is the best ramen that he or she ever tasted. Later on, he or she asks grandpa Toshio to teach him on making the ramen and works in the ramen shop in return. The gameplay is pretty much the same as other food serving games where customers come and order food, and players make their ramen order with the correct ingredients. Sometimes some customers will also order drinks too. You have to watch out for several things when you play, which is the patience level of each customers and the stock of ingredients. If you’re out of food stocks, then the customer will need to wait until the stocks are refilled and this can make them get angry with you. You have to keep playing well for two minutes and earn enough profits to survive each level. You can also purchase upgrades with functions like increasing profit, adding more time to customers’ patience, increasing store reputation, increasing customer frequency, and reducing ingredient cost. Is Ramen Chain yummy? Even though it is pretty much the same as other games in the genre, I can say that it has addicting gameplay, 25 ramen variations to be made, nicely-drawn 2D characters - with special different characters in each city such as ‘Akemi’ the ghost and ‘Yamada’ the sumo champion, and easy-listening background music. After playing it for some time on iPad, I did find a few things that bothered me. The mini game – washing as many bowls as you can – takes too long (one minute) which is boring and makes my finger tired. And you cannot play using more than one player on each app installation, as starting a new game will delete all your old data. Furthermore, sometimes I have to look carefully at the ordered ramen (which appears above the customers’ head) because the ingredients pictured inside the ramen order are not that big and the ramen menu gets more complicated after certain levels. I wonder whether those playing on the iPhone are able to see the order clearly. Download the game for free here (iOS) and is coming soon to Android. Tell us what you think about the game! (Editing by Charlie Custer)
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