Indonesian hackers still attacking civilian Australian sites, gets final warning from Anonymous Australia

Enricko Lukman
Tech in Asia11 November 2013

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Last weekend, Indonesian hackers were busy attacking Australia’s spy agency websites and they managed to bring down one of them,, with a DDoS attack. However, it seems that other random Australian sites were hacked along with ASIS’s. In response, Anonymous Australia has sent a final warning (video below) to Indonesian hackers to leave citizens’ sites alone or face imminent cyber war.

Cyber War News reported on Saturday that Indonesian hackers had also briefly disrupted sister intelligence agency ASIO’s website. But because they had a lot of difficulty in breaching other government sites, the hackers resorted to defacing random Australian sites again.

But when we checked the #StopSpyingonIndonesian Facebook event page, it doesn’t seem like the Indonesian Security Down Team – the one purportedly organizing the hacking activity – is asking for or organizing any attacks on random Australian sites.

Instead the Facebook group asked local hackers not to attack random Australian sites to avoid cyber war with Anonymous Australia. So any attack on non-government Australian sites looks to be an action of individuals, not the group.

Anonymous Australia attacking Indonesia already?

Currently there are news circling in Indonesia that the country’s ministry of human rights and law site (pictured below, left), as well as the national’s police website (pictured below, right) are both down. This news is heightened by merdeka’s report that this might be a retaliation effort from Anonymous Australia to Indonesia, but there is no proof of that.

indonesian sites down
indonesian sites down

In response to the news, Twitter account @AnonNewsIndo noted that the national police’s site has been down since July, and tweeted that what the media wants is to see cyberwar to happen. The Twitter account urges everyone not to get provoked as there hasn’t been any claims of responsibility made by Australian hackers for any exploited Indonesian sites.

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