Indore athlete says he is struggling to get US visa to compete in Backyard Ultra Run

Indore (MP), Oct 08 (ANI): Karthik Joshi, an athlete from Indore, says that he is struggling to get Visa to go to the US due to the COVID pandemic, to take part in the Backyard Ultra Run, a race for which he is the only qualifier from India. This race will be held in the US on October 16 and the athlete has to reach there by October 11. Karthik practices for the race on a treadmill that has been gifted to him by a private company. While talking to ANI he said, "I have 3 gold medals. In India, there have been 3-4 Backyard races so far and I have won them all. On January 30 and 31 this year, I had my qualifying race, which lasted for 41 hours. I covered 274 kilometres in this duration. I qualified for the race which will be held in Tennessee on October 16. But due to the COVID crisis in the US, there is a travel ban in that country. I have been struggling to get my visa."

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