Indusface AppTrana introduces fully managed Behavioural Application DDOS Protection Solution

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Bengaluru [India], August 19 (ANI/PR Newswire): Indusface, a leading application security SaaS company that continually detects security risks, provides real-time protection and improves performance of applications, today announced that it is adding Behavioural Application DDOS Protection offering to its product, AppTrana.

Application DDOS attacks are sophisticated and hard to mitigate. Simple rate limiting rules are insufficient allowing sophisticated attacks to fly under the radar. With AppTrana's Behavioural Application DDOS Protection, built on a highly performant big data pipeline and backed by ML concepts, mitigation of sophisticated attacks like HTTP flood, volumetric DDOS and complex attack scenarios happen in seconds.

AppTrana's Behavioural Application DDOS Protection solution takes advantage of its ability to process huge volume of requests in seconds and provides policies that are auto-configured based on behaviour of the application requests instead of hardcoded limits.

With AppTrana

* Behaviour DDOS can be configured to be triggered if behaviour of requests to application changes, which means any normal variance in request is accounted for and alerts are triggered only when there is an abnormality

* By default, three policies that monitor traffic on host, IP and session level are configured

* When an application is onboarded, these policies are configured with a generic value that works for most applications

* Within a few days of onboarding the application, based on behaviour observed, appropriate values are derived which provides optimal protection

* Being a completely managed solution, all applications are constantly monitored and in case of any DDOS attacks, security experts are notified who automatically step in to do advanced configuration as needed

* Customers can configure additional policies based on their requirements. Policies can be configured to take various actions when triggered including blocking the requests outright.

Collectively through such multi-step approach, even the most sophisticated attacks are protected by AppTrana without any business impact.

"AppTrana is known to make application security easy for customers. Building on this, we are proud to announce Behavioural DDOS Protection solution that can protect against sophisticated DDOS attacks within minutes with first mitigation starting under a minute. Any DDOS protection solution needs a highly scalable infrastructure and unlike other vendors who have different DDOS scrubbing centres, all AppTrana's servers are equipped to handle DDOS attacks and can scale to handle large attacks," said Ashish Tandon, CEO, Indusface

AppTrana's Behavioural DDOS Protection is available for all customers who have signed up for the Advance, Advance Plus or Premium Plans.

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