Influencer Alicia Mccarvell slams haters 'who can't bench press as much as I can'

The Canadian self-love advocate has previously shared videos of her bench pressing up to 140 pounds.

Alicia Mccarvell and her husband Scott recently took a couple's trip to Mexico. (Instagram / @alicamccarvell)
Alicia Mccarvell and her husband Scott recently took a couple's trip to Mexico. (Instagram / @alicamccarvell)

A Halifax-based influencer is calling out her "middle-aged" haters after a recent headline that popped up on her Facebook.

Alicia Mccarvell took to Instagram with a green-screen reel about the comments sections on a positive article about her and her husband Scott's swimwear snaps.

"If this is the last headline that's ever written about me, I'm fine with it," Mccarvell joked in the video.

"Giving Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling a run for their money," Mccarvell read the caption of the UK's Daily Star article headlined, "Plus size babe and ripped hubby dubbed 'Barbie and Ken' as they model swimwear."

The body-confidence influencer then said the comments section of under that story was "not great," before recalling a few.

"Someone called me 'Carbie' and someone said 'more like Barbie-que' — I laughed at that one, I won't lie."

She then fired back. "Either way, the comments are from middle-aged men who can't benchpress as much as I can so I'm not worried about it."

Her followers loved the response.

"Facts honey. They can't lift nothing close to it," one Instagram user wrote.

"OMG your response to the comments is everything. Freaking smoke shows!" another added.

"I adore you for so many reasons! Y'all are flippin precious! I'm so glad you laugh at the jealousy," a fan wrote.

"I am here again to say I am obsessed with you," someone said, while another chimed in with, "The Barbie and Ken we need," in the comments.

"Also, who the hell doesn't like Barbie-que? Juicy, hot, flaming BBQ. I see no insult," someone pointed out.

Earlier this summer, Mccarvell shared a reel of herself and Scott at the gym, where she was bench-pressing 140 pounds, or about 63 kilograms.

Her followers praised the content creator for sharing her fitness journey and showing off her strength.

"Holy moly! That is amazing!," a follower wrote.

"So, in theory, you could bench press those tiny haters," one fan quipped in the comments.

"This is super impressive holy s—," another added.

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