Canadian influencer Kenzie Brenna gets real about Kim Kardashian's weight loss

Canadian influencer Kenzie Brenna opened up about Kim Kardashian's alleged recent bodily changes. (Photo via Instagram/kenziebrenna)
Canadian influencer Kenzie Brenna opened up about Kim Kardashian's alleged recent bodily changes. (Photo via Instagram/kenziebrenna)

Kenzie Brenna is keeping it real when it comes to celebrities and body image.

On Tuesday, the Canadian influencer opened up about Kim Kardashian's alleged recent changes to her body and how she's trying to "not be affected" by the reality star's appearance.

On Instagram, the 32-year-old shared side-by-side photos of her and Kardashian, along with on-screen text that read: "Dear Kim, it's OK to not focus on your body this much. Life is so much more than just focusing on weight loss and beauty. I will try my best to not be affected by unrealistic beauty standards."

In the caption, the body positive advocate explained what Kardashian allegedly did to change how her body looks.

"For those of you who don't know, ... our Kimmy K has taken out her chest implants as well as her BBL, she has modified her body once again to be an extremely thin version of herself, think '90s, '00s thigh gap with a little country club," she penned to her 384,000 followers.

Later on, the influencer got candid about the Kardashian family's "power" and how they should use their platform for positivity and inclusivity.

"This sucks. ... The power that this family holds is undeniable. ... If they embraced weight gain, more curves, cellulite, skin texture, stretch makes, etc, it would do wonders to our culture," Brenna explained. "At the end of the day, Kim is allowed to do whatever she wants with her body ... and as a person with a massive platform comes massive responsibility."

At the end of her post, the self-love advocate penned an inspiring and motivational message for fans about learning to love their bodies.

"Reject the idea that you need to be the thinnest version of yourself to be the most compelling. ... Reject the idea that you need to 'kontour' or 'klone' yourself like them. Be free of their standards and own who you are," she wrote. "The '90s thigh gap can chase us to the grave. I love you and I hate this for us."

In the comments, fans thanked the influencer for drawing attention to the Kardashians's role in diet culture.

"Thank you for shedding light on this topic. The Kardashian's play a huge role in diet culture and body image issues in our society," wrote a follower. "People can do whatever they want to their bodies, but should be honest about it, especially when they have such a huge platform."

"Such a good take...we cannot have unrealistic body expectations," penned a fan.

"Yeah, honestly, I'm getting so tired from all of the coverage about celebrity bodies. It's exhausting to always have something to compare yourself to," shared someone else.

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