[Infographic] How socially devoted are you to your fan base?

Elizabeth Tan

Almost every business today has a Facebook account, and understand the importance of having a social media strategy. A good strategy is no longer as simplistic as getting high volumes of Facebook likes. Rather, new strategies should revolve around actively engaging fans , responding to their feedback or questions in real time and being socially devoted to them.

According to this research published by Demandforce , an alarming 70% of questions that businesses received across all social media sites go unanswered. A surprising 1 out of 4 global companies has a closed wall on their Facebook, meaning fans cannot post any questions even if they wanted to.

Many people believe that by staying socially devoted, businesses can improve their marketing and sales effectiveness, increase sales and market share,  improve brand or stock value and even decrease cost in general. However, why are many still not doing it right?

The infographic below goes on to present several case studies on businesses who have been “doing it right”. The top 5 industries that were most socially devoted on Facebook were airlines, finance, retail, fashion and electronics, with the airline industry topping the charts with an average response rate on Facebook of 60.4%.

The most successful brand that contributed to this result is the KLM Royal Dutch Airlines. With nearly 1.8 million fans on their Facebook page, the airline has kept their promise by using their Facebook or Twitter to answer every customer concern personally within an hour. They also have an impressive 94% response rate.

In Asia, brands like CIMB (Malaysia) and Acer (Indonesia) have also topped the charts with a response rate of 87.6% and 95.1% respectively. The report also goes on to provide some tips on how to show some social dedication to your fan base. Although its advice may be hard to implement in other more unique genres of businesses such as mobile safety app, Watch Over Me , it is still useful for application nonetheless.

Social devotion to fans

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