An inside look at ‘Blvck Paris’ flagship store

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An inside look at 'Blvck Paris’ flagship store
An inside look at 'Blvck Paris’ flagship store

Over a year ago, Blvck Paris revealed two successive pop-up shops in Taipei. Featuring an all-black aesthetic, mixed with lifestyle experiences such as a food corner where customers were able to buy black ice cream or play with the bespoke basketball hoop that quickly grew in popularity across social media.

Blvck is now stamping its residency by opening its first flagship store in Taipei. The Paris-based brand took on its largest physical space to date after much-acclaimed success in the territory. The flagship store will epitomise the aesthetic conceptualisation behind the brand as it truly brings the customer’s shopping experience to life. Not only does the flagship have all of the brand favourites, customers will have an opportunity to utilise the aesthetic features to add some premium social media content to their pages.

As a new addition to the flagship store, customers can shop the home collection as the brand aims to darken your lifestyle. The Blvck Home collection will include amongst other products: a welcome mat, slippers, stainless steel cutlery, and a bathrobe. These introductory products will be a welcome addition for those wanting to add an aspirational aesthetic touch to their home life. Watch this space for future drops to see what Blvck has in store for us next! We understand that Blvck duvet sets and bathroom accessories are next on the horizon for those really wanting to add a monochrome layer to their home.

As well as the Blvck Home feature, the flagship store also has a corner dedicated to its sister brand, Whte Paris. Whte Paris switches the monochrome experience and has no less aesthetic excellence than its parent brand. The corner will feature the brand favourite’s such as hoodies, T-shirts, Tokyo pants, and more. The flagship will be used to showcase the brand’s reach and will really be a hub for those that want to get to know the brand and for those that already love what the brand has to offer.

As a new addition to the flagship store, customers can shop the home collection
As a new addition to the flagship store, customers can shop the home collection

To celebrate Blvck reaching this new milestone, Blvck has continued and expanded its collaborative champagne series with the Los Angeles based brand, COUP within the Taipei flagship. Blvck and Coup share a similar aesthetic, having commenced their partnership in December 2020 with a limited edition of a co-branded Champagne, sold in a matte black hard case with an engraved saber.

Blvck and Coup announced an exciting new collection for Labor Day where customers can now customise their own mini champagne bottle. A perfect personal memento or gift.

Blvck is also launching its own branded ice cream at the end of September, the “Dark Rose Chocolate Ice Cream”. It will be sold exclusively at the flagship store.

So what’s next for the brand?

In addition to the Taipei flagship, Blvck Paris is continuing its global expansion with new global stores opening this year, Hong Kong at Sogo in September 2021 as well as an additional store in Tokyo at Parco Shibuya. You can expect the brand’s monochrome aesthetic to run through every element of the retail experience from its design to other unexpected additional features. Watch this space!

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