Inside Seven24 Collective, New York’s Newest Membership Club

As membership social clubs continue to take root around the city, the Seven24 Collective team is looking to expand the concept with an all-day, every-need approach.

“It’s a place where you can get lost,” says cofounder Sean Largotta of the first Seven24 location, inside the Gansevoort Meatpacking hotel. His business partner is hotel owner Michael Achenbaum, and together the hospitality veterans set out to build a luxury membership destination that would operate separately from the Gansevoort, and grow beyond the neighborhood.

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“You’re not coming here anymore for nightlife. You’re coming here to go to AP, to Rolex — the people that are coming here are spending a decent amount of money,” says Largotta of the Meatpacking District’s appeal, equating the area to London’s Bond Street.

Largotta describes Seven24 as a “jewelry box of opportunities,” built to accommodate all of the various a-day-in-the-life needs of its members onsite, from work to workout, to celebrating a special occasion or enjoying a casual night out. “We really try to think of seven days a week, 24 hours a day,” says Largotta, adding that their aim was to avoid being categorized with the city’s collection of members-only “supper clubs.” “It’s more of a play on what the British clubs have been doing. We were looking to expand upon that,” he adds.

Members have access to the club’s various spaces, which include a café, fitness and wellness center, “The Study” — a workspace that transforms into a bar and social venue later in the day — and a ’70s-inspired cocktail lounge that includes karaoke rooms and a bowling alley. Interior design was led by Victor Alfaro, who incorporated personal details from the team’s international travels. The inaugural location also includes access to shared amenities at the Gansevoort, which recently underwent a massive renovation, including a rooftop pool, lounge and sushi restaurant Saishin.

Unlike other clubs around the city — including the longstanding SoHo House across the street, a hub for the “creative” community — Seven24 is not looking to recruit a particular market niche. It’s exclusive in its upscale ambition but lifestyle inclusive. “The single parent, the tech start-up, the Wall Street asset manager, the entrepreneur — that’s who we’re going after collectively,” says Largotta, adding that similar to how the neighborhood has developed beyond its identity as a nightlife destination, “the clientele we’re looking for is a little more grown up.”

Ahead of its official opening, the club hosted a cocktail party for the CFDA and has fielded interest for events from various designers and cultural institutions.

The team has plans to expand Seven24 to other cities and locations, with an expansive Hudson Valley outpost in the works for next year, which will have a particular focus on spa and wellness.

“Imagine going for a swim on the roof, and then taking the car to the Hudson Valley for a country experience for the weekend,” Largotta says. “We’re looking to put another footprint on what we believe a resort and countryside offering should be.”

The bowling lanes at Seven24 collective.
The bowling lanes at Seven24 collective.

Launch Gallery: Inside Seven24 Collective at the Gansevoort

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