Inspired by viral ‘blackeye’ prank, Scha Alyahya starts makeup trend to ‘scare’ mums addicted to phones

Tan Mei Zi
Who wore it best? Scha’s post is a parody of a recent prank that saw parents applying black eyeshadow on their kids to ‘scare’ them out of their handphone addiction. — Picture from Instagram/schaalyahya and Twitter/iamjayarahman

PETALING JAYA, July 17 — Actress Scha Alyahya is giving a humorous twist to a recent controversial prank that went viral online.

The fashion icon posted an Instagram photo of herself sporting a bold eyeshadow look that gave her the appearance of “panda eyes”.

“Blackeye phenomenon,” she wrote, along with a hashtag that said, “show this to mums who love playing on their phones”.

The mother-of-one was referencing a prank where parents applied black eyeshadow on their sleeping kids and scared them by saying it was the effect of spending too much time on smartphones.

The act was heavily criticised by social media users and Public Health Malaysia for potentially inflicting trauma on children, prompting Scha to make a parody that focused on parents who were just as attached to their devices.

It seems Scha might have sparked an unlikely makeup trend as well, as the hashtag “challengematapanda (panda eyes challenge)” has started making the rounds on social media.

Followers of the Awan Dania star were highly amused by her antics and some said she still looked pretty despite the outlandish makeup.

“Throwing my phone and wearing an eye mask now,” wrote adeed8.

“Even with a black eye, you’re still charming,” said shikinuda.

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